Mary has been a life saver for me. She has an uncanny sense of exactly what I need at any given time (from silence, soft reassurance and guidance, to firmly challenging my statements or actions). Her sweet, warm, caring disposition put me at ease with her from the first time I met her. I feel I have made more progress in the last few months, than I have made through many years of therapy with other therapists. Mary genuinely cares about her clients. Through hypnosis, Mary has taken me on a menagerie of healing journeys. Her pleasant voice tone and soft approach have allowed me to have success with hypnosis from the very first session. No matter how I am feeling before the session, I always leave with a sense of peaceful accomplishment.
- L. M., West Palm Beach, FL
I can’t explain the gratitude I have for how Mary Winn helped me overcome my addiction to nicotine. I had tried so many times and ways to quit and nothing was working. I had been hypnotized many years ago and was not nervous, but indeed looking forward to it. The treatment was very powerful, and I came out of the hypnosis session a bit choked up. Mary asked how I felt and after a short reflection, I answered “I feel ready and worthy for the fight”. I will say that the only accurate way to describe the post-treatment life is that it’s like a switch has been turned off. There were so many days when I found myself in the “old situations” but with no craving or even a thought of tobacco. My life is so much easier now. Thank you Mary for helping me live every day for me and not tobacco.
- Mike F, West Palm Beach, FL
My initial meeting with Mary Winn was a great relief. Mary’s warmth, intellect, understanding, validation, and professional demeanor were very evident. She was not only therapeutic, but her personality was very disarming, you knew she had your best interest foremost in her heart. My sense of trust for Mary was established quickly. I had been to over ten counselors, accompanied by my husband, trying to find guidance and or solutions to issues that plagued him for over 15 years. Unfortunately, his issues wore me down, leaving me confused, exhausted and finally depressed. I was always a confident, joyful woman, yet after twenty three years of marriage, I felt like a skeleton of a person, empty and helpless, on the brink of an emotional breakdown, I thought I’d never recover. My experience with Mary was remarkable! Her support and expertise were exceptionally remarkable in the healing process that I so dearly needed. Today, I’m “me” again!! Laurie who can again enjoy life with a passion! Mary, the “healer”, was an instrument of healing to me. She has been a great gift to me; she has given me back my life! She has a beautiful heart and spirit…she is truly a professional in every sense of the word. Thank you Mary for being the healer in my life!
- Laurie, RN, Nurse Advocate Specialist
I went through Mary’s Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program, and at the end, I felt wonderful. My eyes filled up with tears because I knew that I was finally free. Quite some time ago, all my beautiful plants outside the house had died due to a broken sprinkler system. I now have a deep and strong desire to pull up all the dead plants and start planting new, beautiful plants because the hypnosis session has made me feel this way about my body and my surroundings. I would recommend Mary and her Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program to anyone who has a desire to quit smoking.
- C., Florida
When I first came to Mary Winn I was torn, worn out, bottled up, despaired, miserable, and hid behind my smile. Mary was patient, and allowed me to open my heart at my own pace. Mary has helped change my life from here on out. Thank you for being the light in my darkest moments.
- S. J., Florida
I find Mary Winn uncompromising with my therapy treatment. I appreciate her understanding of the mind, body and spirit, and the importance of its synergy. Her very kind, yet no nonsense approach, is producing results within me, and in a reasonable time, so that I am able to enjoy the benefits of my therapy now, not years later. I feel confident (a word I don’t use lightly) that with Mary as my therapist, I have no problem too big or unsolvable. She has so many resources that she uses with me – talk therapy, relaxation exercises (I had forgotten how to relax) and hypnosis – something I was skeptical of, and now love! I am lucky to have Mary as my therapist.
- M. C., Wellington, FL
Because of my sessions with Mary Winn, I no longer have panic attacks. No more trips to the ER! Thank you Mary so much.
- M. H., Florida
I always feel better when I leave Mary’s office than when I came in. So much to accomplish to move forward and Mary knows just how to do it in a peaceful, calm setting. Hypnosis is a total must as part of every session.
- Anonymous
Mary Winn is a very warm, sensitive and knowledgeable professional. She has helped me enormously in finding my peace within myself. She has helped me become confident once more. I’ve really enjoyed her guided meditations, as well as her talk therapy sessions. Mary is a great counselor and mentor in my life the past almost 2 years after I suffered a major M.S. relapse. I started seeing Mary after my home health nurse referred her to me. I find her hypnosis to be calming, uplifting and very relaxing.
- Jennifer S., Wellington, FL
Mary Winn has been a huge part of my recovery. I will take everything she has taught me through life, and use it all to my advantage.
- D. R., Florida
I never had such quick results. Mary Winn’s Rapid Trauma Resolution has freed me of the shackles of my past, and her hypnosis has turned my negative thinking into positivity and hope. I have been ill for 15 years, and Mary has relieved so much in such a short time. It is amazing and relieving. Mary’s hypnosis leaves me extremely relaxed and basically curbs my cravings for drugs, smoking and has made an unbelievable impact on my PTSD. The hypnosis has cured quite a bit of my deep seeded issues…CURED!
- Stefanie C., Wellington, FL
I have found Mary Winn to be a most responsive and “sympathetic” therapist and person. That is not to say that she just “yes woman’s” me. However, my own past and present experiences weigh heavily on me. Aging is most distasteful. Inside of me, I am just the same as in years past and younger. I live quite isolated, both physically in my environment, and my marriage and family (my daughters both live in N.J.). My enthusiasms with art and design are still ever-present, yet sadden me, because my “tomorrows” are so limited. Mary Winn helps me get through the day. She is a presence in my life, and in many ways, “a savior”. Her empathy and understanding are invaluable.
- Aileen S., West Palm Beach, Florida
I believe in Celestial Angels and all of them here, working with us on Earth. Mary Winn is one of them…she has helped my daughter so much. I finally got my daughter back.
- M. K., Florida  
My therapy with Mary Winn is refreshing. I always feel like I can conquer the world when I leave her office. She listens and suggests your exploration of your inner self, which allows you to see your full potential. Hypnosis with Mary Winn is very soothing and leaves you with a sense of control. I never believed that hypnosis was possible with me, but I am very pleased with the sessions and committed to them.
- J. P., Greenacres, Florida
I want to thank Mary Winn for everything she has done to make life better for me and my kids.
- T. B., Florida 
I feel very relaxed and in a safe environment during my therapy sessions with Mary Winn. From our first meeting I felt comfortable enough to open up. Mary’s hypnosis is a relaxing experience. I close my eyes and listen to Mary’s words of encouragement and reason. Her words encourage me to be what I want for myself and what I want to overcome. Within my first month of hypnosis, I recognized a change in my personal and work life. A change that I always wanted, but believed was impossible, because of my personality. I have only benefited from hypnosis and I recommend trying this form of therapy.
-Anonymous, Florida
Because of Mary Winn’s understanding and sensitivity, I was able to open up and express my feelings, allowing me to finally work through them and become a healthier person.
- S. T., Florida
Mary Winn expresses sincere “dedication” in helping clients resolve issues in a timely, yet professional manner. Her listening skills, as well as remembering what the client has told her, is way above par. Mary’s clinical history and experience comes through in a most productive way, to help the client understand their situations, and to realize their life will improve as they progress in therapy with Mary. Hypnosis with Mary is a useful, helpful and progressive tool that she uses with clients who have extremely difficult issues. It is a very peaceful and positive experience, versus talk therapy. It is relaxing to listen to Mary’s calm voice, and just plain feels very “therapeutic”.
- J., Lake Worth, Florida
I am the world’s biggest skeptic, so when I heard about “Rapid Resolution Therapy”, I was dubious. I really wanted help with my sugar cravings, though, so after getting to know Mary Winn and seeing her honesty and integrity first hand, I felt that maybe I’d give it a try. After just one session, my sugar cravings stopped, much to my amazement. I was able to get through parties and holidays with little or no difficulty. I am truly grateful for this experience and would do it again without reservation.
- C. F., Florida  
Mary Winn is a caring and helpful person. She’s very easy to talk to, and anxious to help you solve your problems. I highly recommend Mary Winn.
- C. M., West Palm Beach, FL
Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mary Winn for her help with my dad. Because of Mary’s help, he was spared many more days of agony…Mary may have saved his life. I will always be grateful.
- J. B., Florida
My therapy experience with Mary Winn has been a lifesaver for me – Mary’s knowledge and understanding of my severe depression. She listens, cares, and gives me wonderful, helpful advice. She has saved my life with her outstanding advice. My depression has lifted due to her therapy, talks and kindly manner. Mary really does care so much for her patients. She never judges or criticizes me – she always turns a bad thought day into a happy one! I am so thankful for Mary’s therapy. I need her smile, her kind ways, and her great knowledge and understanding. I would recommend Mary to any person who needs a helping hand and fabulous advice. Thank God for Mary Winn. Mary is by far the kindest person in the whole wide world! She is beautiful inside and out. My hypnosis experience with Mary has been incredibly helpful and lifesaving. I get to relax and listen to her soft spoken, sweet voice. I was skeptical of clinical hypnosis at first, but now I am truly certain these sessions work for me! I would recommend this to any person who is struggling with mental health issues and personal problems. Mary gears her sessions to each individual and her great knowledge of hypnotic understanding is so very outstanding. Her voice is pleasant, soft, and very easy to understand. I would always recommend these helpful sessions to anyone who needs help with their particular problems. Mary uses these tools to aid you in your everyday life. Thank God for Mary Winn.
- Andrea P., West Palm Beach, FL
I can’t thank Mary Winn enough for all she had done for my son. I am so grateful that he has found his way to Mary.
- M. S., Florida